Therapy Offerings

  • Vitiligo
  • Anti-Fungal
  • Hair Care
  • Anti-Acne
  • Sunscreen
  • Emollient & Moisturizer
  • D'experts Skincare Range


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Loss of colour from the skin can be devastating. Now vitiligo is treatable because of tremendous developments in medical sciences. Multiple procedures like skin grafting, cellular suspension transplant and psoralens with light therapy have shown good results. Combining these procedures with oral and topical therapy can further enhance the effects and help to recolour the skin.


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‘Fight against Fungi’ - The pledge taken by Brinton Pharmaceuticals. Our antifungal products are available in the form of tablets, capsules, creams, lotions and lacquers. We have also started various patient awareness initiatives where we stress upon dose completion to prevent antifungal resistance & personal hygiene of the patients to prevent further spread of the infection.

Hair Care

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Hair on our head is the crown of glory. With the help of proper treatment, lost hair can be regained. Products like minoxidil lotion, hair growth serum and nutritional supplements for hair growth and hair strengthening are the few treatment options. Regular use of these products as prescribed by your doctor and combining it with daily exercise, yoga, meditation and healthy food will give you good results.


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The anti-acne basket of Brinton Pharmaceuticals is full of high quality products like oral antibiotic called as lymecycline, mandelic acid face wash, acne moisturiser and nutraceutical for nutritional deficiency in female patients suffering from acne. With the help of these products a patients can regain their lost identity and confidence.


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Ultraviolet light in the sun rays are harmful to the skin and it causes photodamage. Wrinkle formation and darkening of the skin are some of the symptoms of photodamage. These damages can be prevented or minimised with the help of sunscreens. We at Brinton offer UV Doux and UV Doux Gold sunscreens, both in silicone base with SPF 50 and matte finish.

Emollient & Moisturizer

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Moisturisers contain ingredients like shea butter, cocoa butter, glycerine, etc. These important ingredients either lock water beneath the skin and prevent its evaporation or absorb the moisture from surroundings. At the same time some ingredients in moisturiser provide nutrition to the skin. So, moisture content and proper nutrition to the skin helps to make your skin soft and supple.

D'experts Skincare Range

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d'expérts skincare range has been specially formulated by Brinton Pharmaceuticals to provide solutions for battling the factors causing skin damage and premature ageing. d'expérts aims to restore, revive and rejuvenate your skin and protect it against the onslaught of environmental factors which are beyond human control.

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